Asphalt, Stones, Shards

Sophia Kesting & Dana Lorenz

2012 — 2020

In addition to their individual artistic practices, Sophia Kesting and Dana Lorenz have collaborated on the ongoing artistic project “Asphalt, Stones, Shards” since 2012. Both artists studied photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and graduated in 2018 as Meisterschülerin (postgraduate studies) under Prof. Joachim Brohm.


“Asphalt, Stones, Shards”

 is a photographic long-term project, which deals with the transformation process of the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz located in the city centre of Leipzig, Germany. The plans for use and development, which have been controversially discussed in the urban context for years, have not been fulfilled to date. In their analog black-and-white medium format photographs, the two artists primarily focus on standstill that becomes visible in the performative repetition of their pictorial motifs, as well as its episodic changes, e.g. through the construction of the Leipzig City Tunnel and various interim events.

For eight years, Sophia Kesting and Dana Lorenz have been photographically researching various spatial conditions — oscillating between identification and alienation, collective memories and identity attributions.

Gedanken zur Aneignung in der Gemeinschaftsarbeit

von Sophia Kesting und Dana Lorenz" –– A Text by

Christina Natlacen (only german)

Exhibtion course

2020 — Exhibtion to the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, City Office, Leipzig — „Previous“, Galerie 3 Ringe (ODP Gallery)(Group exhibition) 2019 — „Positions: Architekture and Photography“, Lecture, HTWK, Leipzig 2018 — Galerie 3 Ringe, f/stop 8. Festival for Photography, Leipzig (Solo exhibition) — Beck & Eggeling Fine Art, Düsseldorf (Solo exhibition) 2016 — Galerie 3 Ringe, f/stop 7. Festival for Photography, Leipzig (Group exhibition) — German Photographic Academy, Portfoliowalk, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg — 2015 German Photographic Academy, Lecture, Grassimuseum, Leipzig — Museum of City History, Leipzig (Solo exhibition) — 2014 Kunstraum Ortloff, Leipzig, f/stop 6. Festival for Photography, Leipzig (Solo exhibition)

© Sophia Kesting & Dana Lorenz, VG-Bildkunst, Bonn 2020